Why a Next Generation Patio?

Now you ask, what makes us different?  “There is like a squillion patio companies to choose from!”

Your in-home Consultation

Your Design Consultant is armed with New School Thinking and Technical Construction Knowledge; Designed focused with practical application, knowing how it will look when completed and how it will get there!

Our design team’s goal is to design your new patio to complement your home, adding that amazing feature and value. Form and function with that designer flair!

  • Solution based advice and designs, not what makes more profit!
  • Free in-home consultations, we show up when we say we will be there!
  • No pushy sales, it shouldn’t be like buying a used car!
  • Access to our portfolio of completed patios, best for visualisation and inspiration.
  • Professional Quotation, with all details clearly shown for comparison with other quotes. “Apples for Apples”, allowing you to make an educated decision!
  • We encourage you to get other quotes and are happy to be your last quote. We are confident that we will offer you what others can’t, for a better price.

Council Approval Process

We take care of the “redtape” for you.
Having your addition legally built on your home will save you dramas down the road, especially when you decide to sell

  • Next Gen Patios prepare all the applications and plans and submit to your local council. We may just need a signature or two, as required by the council and if you have them, your house plans.
  • Our goal is to have your new patio approved in the shortest amount of time, so we are in constant contact with the councils regarding our applications.
  • We have experience with every local council in Perth and understand their individual criteria for timely approvals.

Project Management

  • We use project management software to forecast and effectively complete all the stages required to build your patio. Our system allows our clients to have an accurate timeline on the completion of the project. This plays an important role when the patio is just one part of an outdoor makeover project.
  • Our customers are never left in the dark, we keep you updated with all the important details, such as fabrication, delivery and installation dates.
  • Our suppliers understand our customer service expectations, for both us as their customer, but also as you the real customer in all of this.


  • Built by the best in the industry, our installers are professional, highly experienced and courteous.
  • Attention to detail, it’s the small touches that make for a well finished, beautiful patio.
  • We don’t leave you waiting, our installers turn up as promised, and when they have finished, they only leave our amazing patios in all their glory, no rubbish or building waste!


  • Your Design consultant will come see you and bask in the glory of our success. We understand the journey was started by the advice of our design consultant, and it makes sense that he/she is there once it has been installed and completed.
  • Customer Satisfaction Feedback Survey; We ask if you have the time, to provide us with feedback.
  • With permission, we like to photograph our work, as we feel what we do is special.
  • We stand by our products and workmanship, so if you have any issues what soever, please contact us. Our patios carry our name, so if by some reason a product fails, we would like to make sure it is to the Next Generation Patios standard.