Customer Service Driven

We understand that we only get one chance to make our customers happy, your expectations of us are of paramount concern. Through our empathetic and professional approach with all our dealings, you can rest assure your experience with Next Generation Patios is memorable for the right reasons.

“Next Generation Patios and Pergolas” was formed by Matthew Coleman, with a passion to evolve the patio industry from basic industrial structures to architectural additions that add value and appeal to homes.

In 2001, Matthew started out working as a Sales Representative for RTS Patios/ RTS Group, owned by Ben Trager of Ben Trager Homes. In May of 2004, Matthew purchased RTS Patios, and set about building the business up to an industry leader, which over time, evolved and matured to Next Generation Patios & Pergolas we know today. View our extensive portfolio to view our completed work…!

Next Generation Patios & Pergolas has recently been setup in a new way  !!

Matthew has looked at the ever-increasing cost to the consumer for patios. Since starting, the basic cost of a patio has tripled if not more! Making what is an essential addition outside the reach of many.

“When I started out, all I wanted to do was be like the big patio companies, display centres and lots of staff, kind of was a goal to aspire to. And yes, I got display centres and staff, but when all said and done it really made me understand what really matters; Being able to give confidence to your prospective customers that you can do what you say you can do and that what you are selling is a reasonable price, not being ripped off basically.”

Our happy customers are our display centres! If you need to see a real patio in its natural habitat, we can arrange for a viewing for you.

We use technology not only in our designs but the way we do business, by using CRM, CAD and Project Management software, we don’t “carry” staff for the sake of titles and numbers. We work smart, with all the tools available, saving you when it comes to quote time!

As you can see by our portfolio, we have built some of the best patios in Perth, and this is backed up with happy customers all over Perth.

Next Generation Patios & Pergolas deliver where the current patio industry falls short. Value, Amazing modern designs, quality craftsmanship and focus on the customers needs, especially customer service.

Next Generation Patios and Pergolas deliver the complete package.

Live a better life Outdoors!

We understand your home is special, and we take the term Home Improvement to heart! We want to add to your home both in aesthetics but also livability. Every home has different needs, and we provide the best solutions to deliver on all fronts with Architectural Design Experience, Product Knowledge and Technical Expertise.

Our Patios are made with only the highest quality materials. Professionally fabricated here in Western Australia, to engineered and certified specifications, custom made to fit perfectly with your home. We only use Australian Steel, which offers confidence in the longevity of your new patio.


The installation of your new patio is such an exciting time, We understand this, and share your feelings. The end result is what we both have been working to, and Next Generation Patios is known for high level Workmanship and customer service. The transformation to your home is a unique experience, and the investment of our experience during Design, Create and Build will show you have made the best choice with Next Generation Patios.